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Thoughts on 1-27-2020

Yesterday was a day of great loss for a lot of people and not just the Bryant Family, some people I know personally and there are thousands I don’t. People lost half of their hearts and they will never get it back here on this earth.

Bitter Buddies

That tiny little seed the enemy planted in your mind didn’t have to turn to anything, but you took it to your bitter buddy instead of the Father and gave it water…

Hi, I’m New Here…

So, I’m here. Starting a blog. I’m a little afraid I’ll be the only one reading it. I’m a little afraid that I might not be. I’m excited about starting. I’m scared that I might not be a good enough writer. I’m a lot of feelings and emotions, but at the end of the day… I’m here and I’m going to try once and for all to share my pieces in hopes that it helps me and someone else.